Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Veggie cheese steak at Capriotti's in Henderson, Nevada (Las Vegas)

Veggie cheese steak at Capriotti's in Henderson, Nevada (Las Vegas)
Veggie cheese steak at Capriotti's in Henderson, Nevada (Las Vegas)
I'm always on the lookout for fast food that is healthier, and vegetarian (or even vegan) if possible. There's a chain of sandwich shops called Capriotti's and I had the chance to try it while staying in Henderson, Nevada (right outside of Las Vegas).

I skipped past the roasted turkey, ham, and other meats to the veggie items. You can get a cold sandwich made from fake turkey meat (soy probably or maybe seitan), or get a hot sandwich. I got the hot veggie cheesesteak.

You get to pick your toppings. The friendly guys at the counter helped me pick hot peppers, onions, mushrooms, and lettuce. You also get provolone and mayonaise.

I gotta say, I was really blown away by this sandwich! First off, it was really big. I got the medium but couldn't finish it and ended up taking part of it to go. It's absolutely stuffed with "turkey" chunks, cheese, and toppings.

The fake turkey is great. It's served in chunks, and has a hint of roasted flavor to it. It tastes just like turkey, although the texture is too perfect which is the giveaway that it's not real meat. In other words, there's no gristle or fat in it. I really liked it.

The bread is really fresh and soft. It held up to the meat and toppings without falling apart. Loved it!

I also got a salad. You get to pick your toppings. I'm not usually a big fan of iceberg or romaine salads since I prefer heavier greens but I have to say this was really well done. All the veggies were super fresh and cut perfectly for a salad. I'm glad I got it.

I saw plenty of people picking up digital orders so be sure to check out the Capriotti's app.

I'll be looking for more Capriotti's locations on my trip, and it turns out there's a location not too far from my home so I've got that to look forward to when I get back from my trip.

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  1. It's good to have a new sandwich shop choice. The fresh wholesome ingredients are extra nice.
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