Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Veggie Burger at Burger King in St. Louis

Veggie Burger at Burger King in St. Louis
Veggie Burger at Burger King in St. Louis

It can be tough to find vegetarian grub on the road, and on this trip I discovered that Burger King serves a veggie burger.

As luck (and my hunger) would have it, I ended up at the BK next to the Steak N Shake I went to the last time I was in St. Louis (my review of Steak 'N Shake's burger is here.)

Burger King uses the Morningstar veggie patty. It tastes great. And it's juicy. I'm not sure how BK is preparing it. Are they running the patty through their burger grill (probably not)? So they are heating it in the microwave? But how do they get it so juicy? I'm not sure but it tastes great.

This is the Whopper with just the hamburger swapped out for the veggie patty. So you get the full BK burger flavor without the meat. This makes a great choice for vegetarians and people looking to save on the calories (the veggie patty is about half of the calories and fat of the hamburger).

Grab the Garden Salad while you're at Burger King to keep going with the veggies. It's a good size and the lettuce, tomatoes, and cabbage are fresh. And it's sprinkled with cheese. You get your pick of dressing.
More info about BK's veggie burger is on the Burger King web site.

Looking for more fast food veggie burgers? Check out Freddy's, Habit Burger, and Smashburger.

Do you know of any other fast food veggie burgers? Let me know in the comments below!

Lots and lots of Burger King locations. Check out their app or web site to find one.

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