Monday, December 19, 2016

Book Review: the HappyCow Cookbook with vegan recipes from around the world

Mongolian stir fry with mock meat from Loving Hut
Locations around the world
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I've been looking for vegan restaurants lately and it turns out I've been to several that can be found in the HappyCow Cookbook. This book includes recipes from vegan restaurants around the world, along with the history of each restaurant and an interview with the owner or master chef.

This is really an excellent book. The recipes all look delicious, although a couple of them are probably for someone with better cooking skills than myself. I enjoyed the interviews even more than the recipes because I found it interesting as to why each restaurant got its start, and what motives its owners and chefs.

Fiesta Scramble with green chiles and tofu from Lovin' Spoonfuls
The Eugenewich from Cornbread Cafe

Order your copy of the HappyCow Cookbook with recipes from vegan restaurants around the world -- it's an excellent book with delicious vegan recipes.

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