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Rico sandwiches for everyone at Cafe Carmo in New Orleans

Rico breadless fork sandwich at Cafe Carmo in New Orleans
Rico breadless fork sandwich at Cafe Carmo in New Orleans
Fresh ingredients, vibrant flavors, and choices for vegans, vegetarians, and carnivores all in one tropical setting. We found it all at Cafe Carmo in New Orleans. Keep reading for my full review with more pictures.

Enjoy the warm weather in New Orleans at Cafe Carmo
The friendly and helpful staff explained to us that Cafe Carmo started six years ago with a Brazilian-themed menu, but has since expanded to include flavors from Central America and West Africa. So now they call their menu "tropical." 

All three of us were here for lunch, so how could we resist getting all three versions of the Rico breadless fork sandwich? There's the pulled pork version for the omnivore, then a vegetarian version with a veggie patty and dairy cheese, and finally a vegan version for myself which also has the veggie meat and swaps out the dairy cheese for vegan cheese.

All three Rico sandwiches have special Rico sauce and a base of grilled plantains, with organic greens on the side with mango vinaigrette.

Rico breadless fork sandwich with pulled pork at Cafe Carmo in New Orleans

Vegetarian Rico breadless fork sandwich at Cafe Carmo in New Orleans

Vegan Rico breadless fork sandwich at Cafe Carmo in New Orleans
My wife doesn't eat vegan, and I'm not eating meat at the moment, so only our daughter was able to try all three versions of the sandwich. She said they were all excellent, and shared the same overall flavor since they all have the Rico sauce. There were some differences, though -- the pulled pork had a flavor of its own, and she could tell the difference in the cheese between her vegetarian and my vegan sandwiches. BTW the pulled pork is Louisiana wild boar.

Green salad with mango dressing

Vegan Esmeralda salad with quinoa, black beans, corn, peppers, and cilantro. Covered with vegan cheese, pumpkin seeds, and coconut chili lime vinaigrette. We all loved this salad!

Cafe Carmo is really my ideal place to eat: it has something delicious on the menu for everyone, no matter what their dietary preference. Everyone can get exactly what they want.

Check out the full menu at the Cafe Carmo web site and Cafe Carmo page on Facebook.

I heard about Cafe Carmo from the Vegan Roadie's YouTube channel.

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  1. Loved it! The pulled pork was Devine and perfectly seasoned. Many places sat her a rich and sticky BBQ sauce, Carmo presents a full flavor thin sauce that tastes like it was a marinade and the sauce. I enjoy a salad, but the salad served with the pork and my side salad were excellent, particularly the mango dressing. This is a great destination if you work down town or if you're with twenty miles of New Orleans.


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