Monday, April 6, 2015

What A Burger at Whataburger

Whataburger in its distinctive A-frame building and Flying W sign
Whataburger in its distinctive A-frame building and Flying W sign
Sometimes you just want a burger, right? There's a big regional chain of burger shops in the South called Whataburger. I first spotted one in Las Cruces down the street from Blake's Lotaburger, and figured I would need to stop in at one before I ended up at my final destination of Philadelphia. Today was the day except that it was only 8 in the morning. Since Whataburger is open 24 hours a day, why not have a burger for breakfast? Read my full review of the hamburger Whataburger after the break.

Whataburger started in 1950 in Texas and has since expanded to quite a bit, although we still don't have them in California which is why I've never heard of them until this trip. Many of them are in a building with a distinctive A-frame shape and white & orange color scheme.

The burgers are cooked to order, which sets them apart from McDonald's and Burger King, and moves them more into the realm of The Habit Burger and Shake Shack (although Whataburger is a traditional burger, and not gourmet).

You are given a number to take to your table, and after a while your order is brought out to you. There's no returning to the counter to get your food.

I really liked my Whataburger. You can taste that it just came off the grill. The lettuce and tomato were very fresh, and the bun was also fresh. It's a good size too (larger than the burger at In N Out for example).

The fries were really good. Very crisp on the outside, and meaty on the inside. There weren't any duds, either, and the box was very full. When your order is brought to your table, you are asked if you want ketchup or spicy ketchup (I got both).

Although I had the burger combo for breakfast, Whataburger also serves breakfast items from 11 PM to 11 AM, and while I was there the place was nearly full, and most people were having breakfast. Very popular for a Sunday morning!

I would compare Whataburger to In N Out Burger in terms of taste and ingredients, although Whataburger's burgers are larger. And I like how Whataburger brings your burger to your table instead of having to jump up and grab it when they call your number like they do at In N Out.

Whataburgers are all over the South. Here's the one I went to --

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