Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Pretzel Sandwich at Gus' Pretzels

The pretzel at Gus' Pretzels in St. Louis
The pretzel at Gus' Pretzels in St. Louis
Gus' Pretzels in St. Louis makes warm, fresh pretzels. But why just get a pretzel when you can get it wrapped around a sausage and call it a pretzel sandwich?

At Gus', walk in and order, then take it to go. There's no seating but there's plenty of parking and a couple of parks around the block.

Salsiccia pretzel sandwich is delicious with plenty of fennel seeds
Bratwust pretzel sandwich
And for dessert -- the cinnamon sugar pretzel. It's served hot and it's sweet.
Gus' Pretzels reminds me of the Center City Pretzel Company in Philadelphia -- you can't beat a fresh pretzel!

Pretzels and beer are a great combo -- and the brewery is right across the street!
TIP: Closed on Mondays.

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