Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sweet and Savory Kolaches at Hruska's Kolaches

Strawberry kolache at Hruska's Kolaches in Provo, Utah
Strawberry kolache at Hruska's Kolaches in Provo, Utah
I'm getting closer to my home in California, but still looking for unique and tasty things to eat. Which I absolutely found this morning at Hruska's Kolaches in Provo, Utah.

So what's a kolache? Wikipedia says "a kolach is a type of pastry that holds a dollop of fruit rimmed by a puffy pillow of supple dough." But at Hruska's bakery, they take it beyond a sweet danish and turn it into a breakfast meal, with many meat and cheese combinations to choose from. Their menu changes daily.

The dough is wonderful. It's fresh, soft, and airy. It has a buttery flavor that reminds me of the butteriness of a croissant, without any of the greasiness. Unlike a croissant, kolach dough chewy and moist. Sort of a cross between a fresh baguette and a croissant, but definitely with it's own unique taste. And they hold up well throughout the day -- I kept one for a late night snack, and it was still fresh and chewy.

Lots of strawberry filling
Bacon, cheese, and jalapeno kolach at Hruska's Kolaches
TIP: Get there early! Hrusha's closes when they sell out, and there was already a line at 7:30 on a weekday when I was there.

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