Sunday, March 1, 2015

Walk at Pittock Mansion with Views of Portland

Pittock Mansion in Portland, Oregon
Pittock Mansion in Portland, Oregon
We found ourselves with a few hours to spare during our week in Portland, and we didn't want to waste the beautiful weather we were enjoying in February in Portland. So we decided to visit historic Pittock Mansion.

View of downtown Portland from Pittock Mansion
View of downtown Portland from Pittock Mansion
Pittock Mansion offers a spectacular view of downtown PDX and Mt. Hood, with gardens to stroll along, and a chance to see some of Portland's history. Overall, Pittock Mansion makes a great stop during any visit to the Rose City.

Back side of Pittock Mansion which overlooks Portland
Pittock Mansion was built in 1914 by Henry Pittock, the publisher of the Oregonian newspaper.

Pittock Mansion is really easy to get to. It's just a short drive from downtown Portland. There's ample parking.

Gardens at Pittock Mansion
You are free to walk around the grounds. To enter the house, you need to buy a ticket and you can then take a self-guided tour.

The gatekeeper's house -- it's 4 stories!

You can also go hiking. We didn't have time, but next time we will try a few of the trails.

Pittock Mansion features in the Forest Park: House on the Hill walk as seen in Walking Portland, an excellent book with many historic and interesting walks in Portland.