Friday, March 27, 2015

French Toast with Brie at The Shed

French Toast with Brie at The Shed in Las Cruces

I started my first full day in Las Cruces early with a visit to The Shed. The Shed is a breakfast and lunch restaurant recommended to me by Las Cruces blogger Melodie (and she's got more than just food -- check out her Mochi in the Desert blog for what to eat and where to go in Las Cruces and New Mexico). And she was right! Read my review of my delicious breakfast at The Shed in Las Cruces after the break.

The Shed opens at 7:30 and despite losing an hour after arriving last night from Phoenix, I got there just after they opened. It was a good thing, too -- by about 8:30 on a Friday the large dining room was almost full.

French Brie Delight at The Shed in Las Cruces
French Brie Delight at The Shed in Las Cruces
I love brie, so when I spotted French Brie Delight on the menu, that was my first choice. It is two slices of French toast, with Brie cheese melted in the middle, and covered with a fruit medley of strawberries, kiwi, and bananas. Fantastic! The creaminess of the Brie combines with the creaminess (custardiness?) of the French toast, and they both go well with the syrup. The Shed pours on the syrup for you, which I didn't even realize until a few bites into it, and decided they had poured on exactly the right amount. If you love Brie, you have to try the French Brie Delight at The Shed.

And of course there were pecans on the French Brie Delight, too -- what else did you expect from a place so close to the Pecan Highway?

Gingerbread pancake at The Shed in Las Cruces
Gingerbread pancake at The Shed in Las Cruces
As soon as I spotted the gingerbread pancake, I thought back to the wonderful pumpkin pancake I had last week at the 24th Street Cafe (read my review here), and had to get it. It is wonderful! Just the right amount of gingerbread flavor, and the pancake is airy. The Shed lets you pour your own syrup.

Yes, this was a lot of food. Both the gingerbread pancake and the French Brie Delight are full breakfasts. I only got them both since I couldn't decide which to try, and ended up taking half of each back to my hotel.

Besides a full breakfast and lunch menu, The Shed has a long list of daily specials. If I hadn't already ordered two full breakfasts, I would have wanted to try these items off the list of specials: steak fingers, crab eggs Benedict, and salmon asparagus eggs Benedict (yea, I really like eggs Benedict).

TIP: The Shed is open for breakfast and lunch, and closes at 2:00 PM. And it's closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

A big "thanks" to Melodie at Mochi in the Desert for recommending breakfast at The Shed!

The staff is really friendly, and they greeted me at the door and asked if I had been there before. My waitress was glad to explain the menu to me, and kept my coffee mug full without ever being asked.

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