Sunday, March 22, 2015

Basque Breakfast Sliders at Pyrenees Cafe

I've been to many Basque restaurants for the family-style dinner where you sit at long tables with other diners, and so much food is brought to your table that you leave without being able to take another bite. But a Basque breakfast? What is that about? I had to find out so I went to Pyrenees Cafe in Bakersfield for breakfast. Read my full review of Pyrenees Cafe as seen on Food Network's Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives with Guy Fieri after the break.

Pyrenees Cafe is one of the many new DDD joints featured this season from Bakersfield. Like many Basque restaurants, it has a long bar with stools and tables, and a separate dining room.

The lunch and dinner at Pyrenees Cafe are served in traditional Basque style, with salads and appetizers brought out, then one or two main courses, and maybe even a dessert. The idea is to get you really full.

Breakfast Sliders at Pyrenees Cafe
The breakfast is more traditional: it's served from a menu of mostly meat and egg dishes. I was unsure what to get, so my waitress suggested I try the Breakfast Sliders (which weren't on today's menu). These were two large biscuits with scratch sausage, fried eggs, and cheddar cheese. Served on the side were hash browns and gravy. The sausage was very good, and so was the gravy. Think of a gourmet Sausage McMuffin!

Next time I'm in town I will be sure to visit Pyrenees Cafe for their Basque lunch or dinner.

TIP: Bakersfield has many Basque restaurants, so if you find yourself in town with some time (and a big appetite!) be sure to check them out.
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