Friday, March 20, 2015

Peanut Butter Burger at Moo Creamery

Peanut butter burger at Moo Creamery

The new season of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives features many restaurants in Bakersfield, California. (Guy also just opened a Johnny Garlic's there.) I've driven through Bakersfield many times but have never spent any time there, so when I found out Guy Fieri and his DDD crew were visiting several joints in Bakersfield, I had to get down there to see what the excitement was about. Are there more than oil derricks and citrus groves in Bakersfield? Read my full review of Moo Creamery in Bakersfield as seen on Food Network's Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on Food Network with Guy Fieri after the break.

My first stop upon arriving in Bakersfield ended up being in a business park, of all places. Moo Creamery looks like a fairly new place, and it has plenty of patio seating in addition to a large dining room that is decorated in a retro-meets-pub decor.

Pub? Well, sort of -- Moo Creamery has lots of draft beer on tap. I wonder if you can get Guinness beer float if you asked for one?

The menu at Moo Creamery covers the table -- and it's double-sided!
But I wasn't here for the beer, I was in search of the peanut butter burger I read about on the DDD description. A look at the extensive menu left me wondering though -- it was no where to be found. My waiter explained that while the peanut butter burger has often been on their special menu, and indeed Guy Fieri did get to try one, they are not sure if it will end up on the show, or on their regular menu.

Lucky for me, the waiter asked the kitchen and told me I could get one. He told me they cook their burgers medium-rare so I asked for mine medium-well.

Peanut butter burger at Moo Creamery
Peanut butter burger at Moo Creamery
The peanut butter burger is really good. The beef is fresh and juicy, the bun holds together, and of course there is peanut butter. Moo Creamery spreads the PB onto the bottom bun, so that it melts into the bun rather than oozing out the sides. (This burger reminds me of the steak and peanut butter I had at Al's Place.)

Moo also puts a couple of potato chips on the burger. Tasty!

I hope the peanut butter burger finds its way onto Moo Creamery's menu -- it's delicious!

Arugula salad at Moo Creamery
I also had an arugula salad in an attempt to balance out the beef and peanut butter. It was very good.

I ended up so full I didn't leave any room for ice cream. I'll have to return, because the butterscotch ice cream sounds delicious.

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