Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Police Chief Super-Sized Chicken Fried Steak at Lulu's Bakery and Cafe

Police Chief super-sized chicken fried steak at Lulu's Bakery and Cafe in San Antonio
Police Chief super-sized chicken fried steak at Lulu's Bakery and Cafe in San Antonio
I've never been to a restaurant I've seen on Adam Richman's Man vs. Food that I didn't like, and I made my first stop in San Antonio at the home of a chicken fried steak that is too big for a dinner plate. Ready my full review of the Police Chief at Lulu's Bakery Cafe as seen on The Travel Channel's Man vs. Food after the break.

The atmosphere at Lulu's is boisterous and fun. I went in the middle of the afternoon, and the place was nearly full with lots of families and kids, and it was loud (in a fun way).

Watching the chefs in the kitchen was a show in itself as they bustled to keep up with the orders.

Lulu's has two super-sized chicken fried steaks that cover a dinner plate, and weigh in at nearly a pound. These are both battered and fried just like a piece of fried chicken (rather than the type of batter you usually see on a country fried steak).

Your choices are to cover it with gravy (the Sheriff) or with queso (the Police Chief). I've never had a chicken fried steak with cheese, so I ordered the Police Chief. The waitress warned me about the size but I was here for the big steak.

So how was it? Really good! The meat was good quality, the batter was seasoned nicely, and the queso cheese over the top added a unique flavor to the steak. I wish I was in San Antonio for more than a few days so I could go back for another!

You also get your choice of two sides and a biscuit. I got fried okra and corn. These need their own plate since the Police Chief fills a plate of its own. The fried okra was delicious and not greasy.

I finished my entire steak, although I could hardly touch the sides, and so I got them to go. This is a big meal!

The staff at Lulu's is very friendly. They call to you as you walk in and let you know you can seat yourself, and they keep your glass full. I was even given a sweet tea to go along with my leftovers. Nice!

Lulu's also serves regular-sized chicken fried steaks. And all kinds of other food, too, as you would expect from a coffee shop.

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TIP: Lulu's Bakery and Cafe is open 24 / 7.