Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Big Burger Taste at Little Big Burger

Little Big Burger is a small Oregon hamburger chain that serves burgers and floats to order. The burgers are little, and so is the menu. We tried it for dinner on our last night in Eugene. Read my full review with pictures of Little Big Burger in Eugene, Oregon after the break.

Similar to other fast casual hamburger restaurants such as The Habit Burger and Shake Shack, Little Big Burger uses quality beef and fresh ingredients. The burgers are cooked to order.

The cheeseburger at Little Big Burger
Your choice of cheddar, Swiss, bleu, pepper jack cheese.
As you can see from the picture, the "Big" in Little Big Burger refers to the taste, and not to the size. The burgers at Little Big Burger are like big sliders. They were seasoned with just a touch too much pepper for my liking, but otherwise I liked this burger a lot. Tasty, and hot off the grill.

Truffle fries with fry sauce at Little Big Burger
Truffle fries with fry sauce at Little Big Burger
The truffle fries are very crisp and delicious. You can top them with Camden's catsup (which you can also buy here) but we chose the fry sauce. It's sitting on ice at the counter to keep the mayonnaise cool. It went really well with the fries.

Root beer float at Little Big Burger
You can refill the root beer as much as want.
We also got a root beer float, which is served when you order. You get a cup with big scoops of ice cream which you take over to the soda fountain to fill with Barq's Root Beer (or with cola or whatever you want). I liked this setup, since root beer floats foam up, and this arrangement let me return to the soda fountain to top off my float several times.

The menu is simple. I like that! Stick to what you know, right?

Little Big Burger is located next to the University of Oregon campus, lots of hotels, and the freeway.

Burgers are cooked "medium" unless you ask for it otherwise
TIP: The burgers are cooked "medium" unless you request differently. If you like your burgers cooked well-done, be sure to ask when you order. The "medium" is a little too rare for my taste.

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