Thursday, March 19, 2015

Smoked Bacon and Pastrami Sandwiches at Hitchcock Deli on Bainbridge Island

After our tour of the Japanese American Exclusion Memorial, we drove back to downtown Bainbridge Island (near Seattle) for lunch, and landed at Hitchcock Deli where in-house smoked bacon and pastrami were waiting to be made into big sandwiches. Read my full review with more pictures of Hitchcock Deli on Bainbridge Island after the break.

Smoked bacon
Hitchcock Deli smokes their own bacon and prepares their own pastrami, so these were the sandwiches we picked. The meats made these sandwiches very special. The smoked bacon was very delicious, and the pastrami was lean and juicy.

We got the "regular" sizes, deciding they were large enough without going "pile high" (half pound of meat) or "New York-style" (one pound) of meat.

BLT with smoked bacon and egg salad
Pastrami sandwich
Roast beef sandwich
TIP: Bainbridge Island makes a wonderful day trip from Seattle. You can take the ferry (by walking or driving your car onto the ferry), and it's only a 30 minute ride. There are many shops, restaurants, and museums within easy walking distance of the ferry terminal, and if you bring your car you can take a scenic drive of the island's gardens and nurseries. Here's more information on Bainbridge Island -- 

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