Friday, March 27, 2015

Green Chile Sundae at Caliche's Frozen Custard

After my burger with green chiles at Blake's Lotaburger in Las Cruces, I was ready for some dessert. Lucky for me, my friend Melodie tipped me off to the delicious (although perhaps a little scary) green chile sundae at Caliche's. (Read her review of Caliche's here.)

I arrived and told the guy at the counter I had never tried it, but was told by a friend I would like it. He said I should try a sample first. I said, "Oh, never mind a sample, I can handle a few green chiles." Then he offered me a sample again. So I figured I better take it. This was the biggest sample I've ever had -- it was nearly the size of a small scoop!

It tasted delicious, so I ordered the two-scoop sundae. Caliche's serves frozen custard, which is softer than ice cream and creamier than soft serve.

The green chile is in a sweet sauce. It's not nearly as spicy as you might expect. It reminded me a little of butterscotch, but with some zing and a definite green chile flavor.

He suggested I add salted nuts, which I asked were which kind of nuts? But why did I ask? After all, Las Cruces is in pecan country, so these were the freshest pecans I can remember having.

So mix it all together, and this is one tasty dessert.

Caliche's calls itself the "Home of the Green Chile Sundae" and I'm glad I tried it. What a treat!

So don't let the peppers scare you off -- be sure to try the green chile sundae if you drive through Las Cruces.

Just in case, though -- there's plenty of other goodies on Caliche's menu.

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