Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Healthy Donuts at Dr. Bob's Donuts & DoYos

Bourbon Vanilla Donut from Dr. Bob's Donuts
Bourbon Vanilla Donut
with blueberries, chocolate chips, and flax crunch
from Dr. Bob's Donuts & DoYos in Roseville
(in California near Sacramento)
How can a donut be healthy? When it's low sugar, gluten-free, and high in protein as made by Dr. Bob's Donuts and DoYos in Roseville, California (outside of Sacramento). I spent some time at Dr. Bob's trying them out -- read my full review with pictures after the break.

I found out about Dr. Bob's from Sacramento Vegan. And I'm glad I did! Even though it's a 2-hour drive from my home in the Bay Area, I had to find out exactly what was behind Dr. Bob's claim to have created a healthy donut.

Island Coconut Donut
Island Coconut Donut
The idea behind Dr. Bob's donut mix is to satisfy your snack craving without all the sugar, fat, and salt found in so many foods today (not only desserts). The mix contains gluten-free ingredients such as brown rice flour and probiotics, and the donuts are steam-baked rather than fried. (There's a lot more information about Dr. Bob and his mix on his web site.)

In fact, Dr. Bob says you can follow the Donut Diet which is to say, replace the sugary, fatty snacks in your diet with his healthier donuts. (Read about Dr. Bob's donut diet here.)

Apple Bob Donut
So you probably want to know: How are the doughnuts at Dr. Bob's? Do they taste good? Yes!

The first thing I noticed was how moist the donuts are. They are made with plenty of water and steam-baked, and they are made fresh during the day. If you ate these plain (there's vanilla and chocolate flavors) it would be like eating a healthy muffin.

Plenty of healthy toppings to add to your Dr. Bob donut
including almonds, organic nuts, berries, raisins, coconut, and granola.
But there's so much more you can do with a Dr. Bob's donut. There's no doughnut hole so you can add in glazes and toppings without them falling through the hole.

Raspberry Chocolate, Bourbon Vanilla, and CinnaBobs
Take your donuts to go
or call ahead to get them prepared in advance
Tasha Richard presents the DoYo (Dr. Bob's donut with dairy-free yogurt)
Tasha Richard presents the DoYo
(Dr. Bob's donut with dairy-free yogurt)
And if you didn't get your fill with toppings, you can top your Dr. Bob's donut with dairy-free yogurt and create a DoYo.

You know that feeling you get when you eat too much of something sugary? The sugar crash and maybe worse? That doesn't happen after eating a Dr. Bob's donut or DoYo.

TIP: Dr. Bob sells his donut mix online, so he's got you covered if you can't make it to Roseville. And who knows -- maybe there will be a Dr. Bob's near you soon! Dr. Bob is already looking for a second location. The current location is closed Mondays and Tuesday.

A big "thank you" to Tasha Richard at Dr. Bob's Donuts & DoYos who took the time to explain Dr. Bob's donut mix to me, and was kind enough to send samples home with me for my wife to taste. (And yes, my wife loved them!)