Friday, February 20, 2015

Small Is Good at Pip's Original Mini Donuts on Fremont Street in Portland

A dozen fresh mini donuts at Pip's Original in Portland
A dozen fresh mini donuts at Pip's Original in Portland

How does a hot fresh donut sound on a cold day? How about a dozen of them? They sounded good to me so we dropped by Pip's Original on Fremont Street in Portland's Beaumont district. Read about these award-winning doughnuts enjoyed by Alton Brown in my full review after the break.

I found out about Pip's Original from Talk Drink Eat Portland, and they can also be found on Urbanspoon's Best Portland Donuts list.

The idea at Pip's Original is there is a daily selection of donuts, which you can order in batches from 4 to 12. They are fried fresh when you order them, and topped with something sweet or savory, or both. And they are mini donuts, so you can pop one into your mouth with a single bite.

And they are good. I mean really good. Fresh, hot, and the variety of flavors lets you try everything from sweet to savory without getting too full. And their coffee is very good, too.

TIP: Get one of each flavor. Each donut is only a bite, and you can try every flavor of the day without getting too full.

Don't panic -- there are more donut pictures to follow
Meyer Lemon Pear Butter
Nutella and Sea Salt
Raw Honey and Sea Salt
As enjoyed by Alton Brown and
winner of the Chowzter North America 2015 award
Candied Bacon and Maple
Cinnamon Sugar
The Dirty Wu
Cinnamon, honey, Nutella, sea salt
(named after Reggie Lee on the TV show Grimm)
Vanilla Pear Cream
The daily special
with mascarpone and vanilla extract

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