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Smoothies and Sandwiches at Señor Mango's Fruiteria in San Diego

Señor Mango's in San Diego
Señor Mango's in San Diego
Señor Mango's is a small fruiteria (or fruteria, which is a Mexican fresh fruit stand or shop) in San Diego voted best smoothie in 2014. Read my full review with pictures after the break.

If your smoothie is voted best in San Diego for 2014, it had better be good. And fresh. So yesterday for breakfast we headed over to San Diego's University Heights / North Park neighborhood (near University Heights) to check out Señor Mango's.

Fresh fruit on display at Señor Mango's
Fresh fruit on display at Señor Mango's
Señor Mango's is a small place with a few seats outside, and several tables inside. The fresh fruit is on display for all to see. The menu includes fresh fruit juices, smoothies, fruit cups, and tortas (sandwiches).

The menu is divided pretty much into fruit smoothies, and tortas (Mexican sandwiches).

San Diego City Beat's Best Smoothie of 2014
San Diego City Beat's Best Smoothie of 2014
First we tried the award-winning smoothie. (Read about San Diego City Beat's 2014 best smoothie award here.)  After finishing my tour of San Diego smoothies, I agreed and named this my favorite smoothie.

The mango pineapple smoothie at Señor Mango's in San Diego
The mango pineapple smoothie at Señor Mango's in San Diego
And it was pretty darn tasty. We tried the mango pineapple. The fruit was very fresh, and the smoothie had just the right amount of sweetness.

I think it's one of the best smoothies in San Diego.

Escamocha at Señor Mango's
Escamocha at Señor Mango's
While it's not exactly a smoothie, the escamocha is full of fruit and its delicious. Mine was filled with honeydew, raisins, strawberries, mango, papaya, and granola, and topped with coconut. All that fruit is chopped and mixed into sweet cream. Very fresh and filling.

Lomo torta at Señor Mango's
Lomo torta at Señor Mango's
I was planning on a veggie torta so that I could compare it to the veggie sandwich at Cornbread Cafe in Eugene, but when I was asking about the menu I found out about the lomo torta which is a pork and avocado sandwich. Well, how could I pass up pork for breakfast? And it was excellent. Fresh bread, tasty pork, and served hot.

The staff at Señor Mango's was very friendly and helpful explaining when the options on the menu to us.

Señor Mango's puts the focus on smoothies and sandwiches, and they do them well. It's definitely a place I will return to the next time I'm in San Diego.

What's the best smoothie you've ever had? Let me know in the comments below.

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