Saturday, January 31, 2015

Commander's Palace Sazerac cocktail

Sazerac cocktail seen from above
Sazerac cocktail seen from above
Lucky me! Last night, my wife stirred up a batch of Sazerac cocktails that we had first tried at Commander's Palace in New Orleans.  Rye, absinthe, and bitters: what's not to like? Read the recipe with pictures after the jump.

According to Wikipedia, the Sazerac cocktail dates back to 1850 in New Orleans, and is known for the use of two glasses in its preparation. The absinthe is swirled in one glass, with the remaining ingredients mixed in the second glass.

Before you even take a sip, the bitters waft into your nose and you smell the hint of citrus and absinthe.

This is a sipping drink for sure! The mix of bitters and rye and absinthe forces you to sip rather than chug this delicious drink.

Here's the Sazerac recipe from Saveur that my wife used. She used only name-brand ingredients:

Twice as much as needed of a Sazerac cocktail
Twice as much as needed of a Sazerac cocktail

FULL DISCLOSURE!! She made us each a double, which (not surprisingly) was twice as much as we needed. My head is still spinning today :) So next time, she'll stick to the recipe.

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