Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Omar's Hi-Way Chef in Tucson AZ serves a big breakfast all day

Omar's Hi-Way Chef sign in Tucson
Omar's Hi-Way Chef sign in Tucson
Omar's Hi-Way Chef in Tucson AZ as seen on Food Paradise's Truck Stop Paradise on Travel Channel serves a big breakfast all day. How big? Read my full review with pictures after the break.

Omar's Hi-Way Chef is a 24-hour restaurant in the TTT Travel Center truck stop on I-10 in Tucson, Arizona. But it's not just for truckers: there were a lot of travelers and locals, too. Omar bought the place back in the 90s and bumped up some of the items. Check out Omar's story on his web site.

You can get nearly anything on the menu at any time of the day. There is ample seating in the two dining rooms, and you can seat yourself.

All of the staff is really friendly. I suppose that's how truckers like it after a long day's haul. Both waitresses filled my coffee cup, and so did the bus boy. Lots of regulars came in whom the waitresses knew by name.

And the coffee arrives at your table immediately -- you don't have to ask for it. I like that early in the morning!

And the portions are really big -- this is a truck stop, after all!

Country fried steak at Omar's Hi-Way Chef in Tucson
Country fried steak at Omar's Hi-Way Chef in Tucson
I ordered the country fried steak. First off, it was really big. Second of all, it tasted like it was battered with the same batter they use on fried chicken (which is a good thing), and it also tasted like they deep-fried it (also a good thing) instead of pan-fried it. Honestly, this was one of the best country fried steaks I've ever had.

The country fried steak was covered with a really tasty gravy. It was a little darker than most gravies; maybe there was a bit of sausage in it.

Three eggs, over-easy (but you can get them any way you like, of course)

You can get hash browns, home fries, or grits. I got the grits. They were fresh and served with lots of butter.

And there's more! You also get toast or biscuits. I got the biscuits, and there were two of them. And like everything else on my plate, they were oversized. With a cup of gravy on the side too. Needless to say, I could hardly eat these after finishing everything else on my plate.

I wish I had left room for the deep dish apple pie -- it's covered with a tower of soft serve ice cream. But after my breakfast, there was no way I could eat that. So I'll have to go back someday!

What's the biggest meal you've ever had? Let me know in the comments below.

Schnitzel at Omar's Hi-Way Chef in Tucson
Schnitzel at Omar's Hi-Way Chef in Tucson